Saturn in the eyes of astrology and science

According to the scientific point of view, according to astronomy, the diameter of Shani (Shani) is 120500 km, at an average speed of 10 km per second, this planet completes the orbit of the Sun in 29 years by staying at an average distance of one and a half billion kilometers from the Sun.

Effect of Shani Graha according to Astrology

According to the experts of Lal Kitab, Shanigraha is such a planet, whose effect is seen on all types of iron elements of the earth. Iron is also present in our body. Apart from this, Shani also affects vision, hair, constellation, eyebrows and temples.

Just as the Moon has an effect on the Earth’s water element, similarly Saturn has an effect on iron, oil and all naturally occurring black and blue colored objects. Among them buffalo, buffalo, kikar, aak, dates, black shoes, socks etc. are counted. This effect of Shani is good as well as bad. The nature of the person or place has the same effect on it.

According to astrology, if Shanigraha penetrates Rohini-Shakat somewhere, then there will be severe famine of 12 years on the earth and it becomes difficult for the living beings to survive. This yoga came during the time of Maharaja Dasaratha. Due to the effect of this yoga, the people of the state were in trouble. There was a severe drought.

If a person is being adversely affected by it, then according to Lal Kitab, one should go to the shelter of Lord Bhairav or take some measures by changing one’s diet and behavior.

Ominous Sign

Due to the inauspicious effects of Shani, the house or part of the house collapses or gets damaged, otherwise the house is sold due to debt or quarrels. The hair of the limbs falls rapidly. There may be a sudden fire. Money, property gets destroyed in any way. Premature teeth and weakness of the eyes.

Good Sign

If the position of Saturn is auspicious then the person makes progress in every field. There is no suffering of any kind in his life. Hair and nails become strong. Such a person is fair-minded and has a lot of respect in the society.