SC reprimanded the Center, said – why national immunization program is not being followed

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Center why it is not following the National Immunization Program Policy in its Covid-19 vaccination campaign. Keeping in view the difference in price, the central and state governments will have to pay for one dose of vaccines. Justice DY Chandrachud said that the vaccines are ultimately for the people of the country.

A bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justices DY Chandrachud, Nageswara Rao and S Ravindra Bhat filed suit in relation to the ongoing epidemic situation in the country. As the bench ruled that there should be no restriction on information related to Kovid on social media, it deliberated on some other aspects of Covid-19 management.

Supreme court bench asked the center

What is being done to provide treatment to health professionals caring for people in Covid-19?

How much investment has the Center made to vaccine companies in the last year? What has been the financial contribution made by the Central Government in the development of vaccines, research etc.?

Can a mechanism be developed to show time and updates about the allocation of oxygen?

How will the center ensure registration for vaccines for illiterate people and internet access without registration through COVIN is mandatory in the third phase of vaccination?

Will one state get priority over another in getting vaccines?

How will the center ensure this by private vaccine manufacturers when it is purchasing only 50 percent of the dose?

Has the Center considered implementing Section 92 of the Patents Act and issuing compulsory licenses so that drugs can be manufactured while sorting royalties?

How is the center trying to control the hospital fees? Is there a national policy?

Why are we paying so much for this vaccine that AstraZeneca is providing to American citizens at a low price?

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