Second Wave: Next three weeks important for India; CSIR-CCMB Director

New Delhi: The second wave of Corona virus is proving to be more contagious than the first. The next three weeks are important for India in terms of proliferation of Covid-19, CSIR-CCMB (Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology) Director Dr. Rakesh Mishra said on Sunday (March 18) that it is very important. People follow the guidelines very strictly.

Speaking to a news agency, Mishra stressed that the guidelines should be strictly followed to protect people from getting infected with Covid-19. The next 3 weeks are very important for India in terms of spread of infection. People should take utmost care. Regarding the shortage of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and vaccines, Dr. Mishra said that if the situation persists, the country would be in a disastrous state.

“We have seen such a situation in Italy, where many people have lost their lives in the corridors of hospitals due to lack of medicines and oxygen cylinders,” he said. Last year, healthcare workers were very effective in handling the situation. “

Speaking about the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases in the country, Dr. Mishra said that the second wave was very much expected. He said, “In the last few months, many medical intellectuals have said that the virus and its effects are still small and have not been completely eliminated.” We should be a little more prepared for this kind of situation. “

He continued, “In infections such as covid-19, it is quite common that the virus will have a second wave in the form of a mutation and that any mutated variant virus will spread rapidly. It has lots of new versions.

If India does not follow the guidelines of Covid, more people in India will be infected in this second wave. He further said that such cases are increasing day by day because people have stopped taking care of themselves by not putting on masks and thinking that it is completely gone.

He said, “Although the vaccine is a very important tool to defeat the epidemic, people must still remember to follow the guidelines of Covid because the virus can spread to those who have been vaccinated.” He added, “No matter what wave it is, it cannot spread when we strictly follow Covid’s guideline.

Speaking about the ongoing Kumbh Mela and other religious ceremonies and political campaigns across the country, Mishra said that it is extremely dangerous especially when there is a large gathering of people at places like the Kumbh Mela and political celebrations because it is a The ideal place is where the virus spreads to many others.

He said, “People will get infected without knowing it and go back to their home towns and spread the virus in most of the villages, as a result of which the deadly virus will spread to more people.” Mishra appealed to the people Come forward and get vaccinated.

He said, “To overcome this epidemic, people should be vaccinated in large numbers and after being vaccinated even further, one should not forget to use masks. After thorough air sampling of the corono virus, it has been found that these viruses can spread through the air.

It can grow up to 20 feet in a closed area. You can be 80 to 90 percent safe after wearing a mask. If the other person also wears a mask, then 99 percent can be safe.

(With agency inputs)