Senior leader CR Kesavan left Congress as political belief was not in line with the party

New Delhi: After resigning from the Indian National Congress, CR Kesavan, the grandson of India’s first Indian Governor-General C Rajagopalachari, hit out at the grand old party on Thursday. In the interview, Kesavan said that he was “hurt” by several statements and positions put up by Congress leaders.

In his resignation letter addressed to party president Mallikarjun Kharge, he wrote, “I can no longer in good conscience say that I agree with the symbol that the party currently stands for…”. “That is why I recently refused an organizational responsibility at the national level and also refrained from participating in the Bharat Jodo Yatra,” he said.

Kesavan further said that he was surprised by the reaction of some Congressmen when the candidature of President Draupadi Murmu was announced. “…the first tribal woman, such a proud moment for every Indian…she has come from such a humble background with hard work and dedication. We all should be proud. This senior working committee member of the party says He represents an ‘evil philosophy’. Another person says that no country should get such a President. No country should get such a President,” Kesavan said.

He decided to join the Bharat Jodo Yatra when he felt that his value system, beliefs and political beliefs were not in line with the party.

Even after questioning the surgical strike, he lashed out at his former party. He said that if not comfortable, his colleagues had the option of remaining silent rather than making such insensitive remarks.

“A senior leader of the Congress party asks where is the evidence of the surgical strike. It is very, very hurtful – politics aside. It is when I looked around, I felt, to be honest, I belong here now said Kesavan.