Sharad Pawar’s another blow to the opposition, said – PM’s degree is not an issue

New Delhi: After jolting the opposition parties united on the issue of Gautam Adani, NCP chief Sharad Pawar has now blown the air of another issue of the opposition by giving a big statement on the issue of PM Modi’s degree. . In fact, many leaders of the opposition including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Uddhav Thackeray are constantly questioning the degree of the Prime Minister. When Sharad Pawar was asked a question on Prime Minister’s degree controversy in Nashik, Maharashtra on Sunday, Pawar clearly said that PM’s degree is not a political issue.

In fact, these days the Aam Aadmi Party is attacking the BJP over the issue of PM Modi’s degree. AAP on Sunday itself launched the ‘Degree Dikhao Campaign’ under which party leaders will share their educational qualifications in front of people every day. In such a situation, Pawar’s statement is being considered as a big blow to this campaign of AAP.

Earlier, Pawar had given a shock to the JPC’s demand on the Adani issue, saying that it would not be fair, as 15 out of 21 members would be from the ruling party. On this statement of Pawar, the stir in the opposition intensified.

In fact, while talking to the media, Pawar said that today is the question of degree in front of the country? What is your degree, what is my degree, is this a political issue? Unemployment, law and order, inflation are many such questions and the central government must be attacked on these issues. Today, differences are being created among people in the name of religion and caste, today crops were destroyed in Maharashtra due to unseasonal rains, discussion on this is necessary.

On the other hand, NCP leader and Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Ajit Pawar has also termed the issue of PM’s degree as baseless. Ajit Pawar had said that as far as education is concerned in politics, it is not considered to be of much importance. There are four chief ministers in Maharashtra who were not much educated like Vasantdada Patil but had the best of administration skills.

Ajit Pawar accepted the charisma of PM Modi

When asked about the NCP’s different stand on PM Modi’s degree controversy and Veer Savarkar’s issue, Ajit Pawar while talking to reporters said that the party which had only two MPs under Modi’s name was in power in 2014. I came with full mandate and reached far flung areas. So is this not Modi’s charisma? After winning with full majority in 2014, several statements were made against him. He gained popularity and under his leadership only BJP won in various states and the same election was repeated in 2019. Then what is the use of taking out all these issues?