Shiv Sena furious over RSS’s comparison with Taliban, attacked Javed Akhtar

New Delhi: Shiv Sena has attacked Javed Akhtar for comparing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with Taliban. The Shiv Sena, which often opposes the BJP, has taken its stand on the issue, demanding an apology from Javed Akhtar for his remarks.

The Shiv Sena has termed the comparison of the Sangh and the VHP with the Taliban as an insult to Hindu culture. Shiv Sena in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said, “Today some people have started comparing Taliban with Sangh and VHP. Taliban is a great threat to society and humanity. Countries like China and Pakistan are supporting it, which are not democratic. There is no place for human rights in these countries.

Shiv Sena further said, “We are a democratic country, where individual liberty of the people is respected. But it is wrong to compare RSS with Taliban. India is tolerant in every way as compared to other countries.” In an editorial in Saamana, Shiv Sena said that Hindutva is a culture for organizations like RSS, VHP. Shiv Sena said, “RSS and VHP want that the rights of Hindus should not be suppressed. Apart from this, he never imposed restrictions on the rights of women. The situation in Afghanistan is very bad and hellish. From there people are running out of fear and women’s rights are being snatched away.”

However, the newspaper has described Javed Akhtar as a vocal person, who has also been speaking against the extremists of Muslim society. But the comparison of the Sangh with the Taliban cannot be accepted. Most of the people in our country are secular and we will not accept the ideology of Taliban. Despite being a majority Hindu, this country is secular.

Speaking to NDTV on Friday, Javed Akhtar compared the RSS and the VHP to the Taliban. Akhtar had said, “Like the Taliban wants to create an Islamic State. Similarly there are some people here who want to make Hindu Rashtra. These people have the same mentality. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew. What Taliban is doing is barbaric, but those supporting RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are also doing the same.”