Srinagar’s oldest church renovated ahead of Christmas

Srinagar’s oldest church, which was closed and abandoned long before the early 1990s, is being renovated and restored to its old glory ahead of Christmas this December.

St. Luke’s Church will soon turn off the church bells where worshipers will once again gather for congregational prayer after more than three decades.

The cornerstone, engraved by Ernest and Dr. Arthurneau, is still inside the wall of the church. “To the Glory of God”, it reads, “as a witness to Kashmir” dedicated by “The Bishop of Lahore”.

Located at the foot of Shankaracharya Hill near Chest Disease Hospital, the church was built by two eminent doctors Ernest and Arthurneau and dedicated by the Bishop of Lahore on December 12, 1896.

Renovation of St. Luke’s Church in Dalgate area of ​​Srinagar began in April last year and is part of the restoration of historic buildings and preservation of old temples of all religions.

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