Suez Canal blocked; may choke India’s trade, supply chain, Suez crisis brings back the memories of 1956

Suez Crisis latest news: Twitter has a solution for everything! So what if have teams of experts have not been able to refloat the giant Evergreen container ship stuck in the Suez canal, the social media has offered some unique or should we say downright crazy plans to open one of the most crucial waterways in the world. In case the present Suez crisis brings back the memories of 1956 tension.

What has happened is that a 25-member, all-Indian crew of the Panama-flagged ship named Ever Given lost the path due to a strong gust of wind and robust tides and got wedged diagonally.

This led to the blocking of the Suez Canal and hampering the supply chain between Asia and Europe. Latest reports suggest that the experts say that though water has flowing underneath the ship, it is still not clear when the giant vessel can be refloated back and free up the canal.

The Suez Canal blockage that has disrupted east-west shipping could impact India’s trade and curtail key manufacturing supplies while raising transport costs as shipping rates spike due to the crisis.

India’s shipments of oil, textiles, furniture, cotton, auto components and machine parts to Europe, North America and South America could get delayed by 10-15 days after the 400-metre-long.

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