Supreme Court on farmers’ agitation : Can’t block road in the name of protest

21 Oct 2021; New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday said that farmers protesting at Delhi’s borders against three agriculture laws have the right to agitate, but they cannot block roads indefinitely.

A bench headed by Justice SK Kaul said it was not against the right to protest, even though a legal challenge is pending but eventually some solution has to be found.

“Farmers have the right to protest but they cannot keep the roads blocked indefinitely. You may have the right to agitate in any way but the roads should not be blocked like this. People have the right to take to the streets but it cannot be blocked,” the bench also comprised Justice MM Sundaresh.

The top court asked the farmers’ unions, involved as parties in the case, to file their response on the issue within three weeks and fixed the matter for hearing on December 7.

The top court was hearing a PIL filed by Noida resident Monika Agarwal, complaining of delay in daily commute due to road blockage due to farmers’ protest.

Farmers are camping on the borders of Delhi to demand the withdrawal of three agricultural laws.