Taliban back to brutal rule as they came to power, kidnapped an Indian citizen at gunpoint

New Delhi: As soon as the Taliban came to power, they have declared that they will not take revenge on anyone, but in reality it is not so. The Taliban is taking revenge on all those who were with the Afghan government. It is reported that an Indian national of Afghan origin was kidnapped in broad daylight in Kabul. It is believed that the Taliban abducted at gunpoint. After the incident, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has been contacted and prompt action has been demanded.

Kidnapping with accomplices
Bansari Lal Arende, an Indian citizen of Afghan origin, does business in Kabul. He is a businessman in pharmaceutical products. Some people came to his shop at around 8 am on Monday and abducted him and his associates at gunpoint. After the incident, sensation spread in the entire area. It is being told that all the associates of Basandi Lal Arende managed to escape.

Please inform that Bansari Lal Arende is an Indian citizen of Afghan origin. They do their business in Kabul. His family lives in Delhi only.

Seeking intervention from the Ministry of External Affairs
Indian World Forum President Puneet Singh Chandok told that he has received information about kidnapping from the Hindu-Sikh community in Afghanistan. After this, he has contacted the Ministry of External Affairs and has sought immediate intervention in this matter.

(with agency inputs)