TCS asks employees to shift to new locations within 15 days, IT union files complaint

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new way of working for many people – working from virtually anywhere in the world – and we all thought it was here to stay. However, as soon as the situation became normal, companies started calling their employees back to work. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) also recently called its employees back to office but it seems that is not enough. TCS now wants employees to move to the new locations within 15 days, and if they are unable to comply, the IT giant will take action against them.

According to a Moneycontrol report, more than 2,000 TCS employees have recently received transfer notices. These employees have been asked to transfer to different places and have been given 2 weeks’ time for this. Travel and accommodation costs of employees will be covered. However, if they do not transfer as per the company’s order, “disciplinary action” will be taken against them.

The report said that TCS employees started receiving these transfer notices from the end of August.

Angered by the sudden orders, around 180 employees reached NITES and said the company was forcing them to shift without proper notice or consultation. This has caused “immense hardship for employees and their families”.

The IT union on behalf of the employees has now filed a formal complaint against TCS for “unethical transfer practices”. The complaint was lodged with the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Recently, TCS office in Bengaluru received a fake bomb threat call. The caller was a former employee who had a grudge against the company and had reportedly made the call out of spite.

As soon as the call was made, the office staff panicked and the police were called. After this, the bomb disposal squad along with some police officers reached the spot and started investigation. The bomb disposal squad investigated the entire complex but did not find anything suspicious.

Upon further investigation, police learned that a former employee of a Hubli-based company was behind the calls. This was not the first bomb threat incident in the company. In May this year, TCS Hyderabad office had received a similar fake bomb threat call. A report in Livemint said that the call was made by a former employee based in Bengaluru. Reports have revealed that the person behind the call was part of the security team of TCS Hyderabad office, but was removed from the job.