TCS says moonlighting ‘ethical issue’; no action against any employee

The country’s largest IT services exporter TCS on Monday said moonlighting is a “moral issue” and against its core values, but has not taken any action against any employee.

The company’s chief human resource officer Milind Lakkar told reporters that the company, which has been in the news for the past few weeks, will take into account all relevant dimensions while making its final view on the issue.

“We believe that moonlight is a moral issue and it is against our core values ​​and culture,” Lakkar said.

The company’s chief executive officer and managing director Rajesh Gopinathan said that an employee is barred from working for another organization under a service contract.

Lakkar said that unlike peers like Wipro, which had recently announced the sacking of over 300 employees, TCS has not taken any action against any employee.

He noted that TCS has a long-standing commitment to its employees and employees have a “mutual commitment” to the company and acknowledged that its peers currently in the IT industry may have differing views on the subject.

In addition, he said the company has been explaining its stance on moonshine recently, but did not elaborate.

In recent weeks, CXOs in the IT industry have been offering a variety on the subject of moonlight. Over the past few months, the IT industry has faced a manpower crunch due to high demand for services following the pandemic with greater adoption of digitization.

While some like Tech Mahindra have supported the idea of ​​side hustle, others like IBM, Wipro have expressed concern about it.