Thanks to Gen VK Singh, Govt hospital coming up in Vasundhara Sector-6

New Delhi: The people of Sahibabad are in for a major, long-needed gift. There had been a vocal and pending demand by the locals to build a government hospital in the area, which has now reached a favourable outcome. This demand had intensified after the death of a pregnant woman of Khoda Colony.

To address the issue, the area’s Lok Sabha MP General VK Singh wrote to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to construct a hospital to alleviate the sufferings of the local populace. The General, as always, led from the front and has now paved the way for the government hospital to be set up in Sahibabad assembly constituency. The project has been cleared.

The hard work of Yogesh Tripathi, the regional office in-charge of the Bharatiya Janata Party, paid off. He was given the responsibility of finding land for the hospital, which he found at four places in a single day. After this, the way has been cleared for it to become a government hospital here. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also praised Yogesh Tripathi’s working style and directed the health department officials that the local inspection and review work should be completed within a week.

100 bed government hospital to be built in Sahibabad

A fund of Rs 30 crore has been made available for the government hospital to be built in Vasundhara. With this, a government hospital of about 100 beds will be made here. The Director General Medical Department has issued a letter in this regard, stating that in Gen VK Singh’s constituency 15,000 sq m have been provided for the construction of a joint hospital building in Sector 3 and 6.

The proposal for the construction of a government hospital in Sahibabad Vidhan Sabha has been prepared by the Medical Department, Lucknow, in which Government Hospital will be built in Vasundhara, Sector-6 and Government Housing for Doctors in Sector-3.

 The Vasundhara Vikas Samiti has been demanding a hospital in the area for a long time. Since a few days, the Trans Hidden Welfare Forum was also campaigning on the social media to demand the hospital. At the same time, various RWAs and NGOs were also demanding to build a government hospital in the region. Today, when the project has been approved, they expressed happiness and thanked Gen Singh for his efforts.