The central government has given about 18 crore free vaccines to the states / UTs

New Delhi: Vaccination has an important role in the five-pronged strategy that the central government has devised for prevention and prevention of epidemics. It is a five-pronged strategy test, track, treat, covid conduct and vaccination. The central government is helping in the vaccination campaign across India by providing free covid vaccine to the states and union territories.

A simple and fast third-stage strategy of Covid-19 vaccination is being implemented. This strategy started on May 1, 2021. The strategy clearly states that the central government will take 50 percent of the vaccines approved by the Central Pharmaceutical Laboratory every month. The central government will continue to provide 50 percent of the vaccines accredited by the Central Pharmaceutical Laboratory every month. Apart from this, these vaccines will continue to be provided free of cost to the state governments, as was being done earlier.

According to the data received till eight o’clock this morning, the central government has so far provided more than 18 crore vaccines (18,00,03,160) free of cost to the states and union territories. Of these, a total of 17,09,71,429 doses have been consumed, including the vaccine that was destroyed.

States and Union Territories still have more than 90 lakh (90,31,691) covid vaccine supplements yet to be applied. There are some states where vaccine accounts are not balanced, as consumption (including the wasted vaccine) appears to be more than supply. The reason for this is that these states have not recorded the vaccine given to the armed forces.

In addition, more than seven lakh (7,29,610) vaccine doses will be available to states / UTs within the next three days.

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