The first ‘electric highway’ being built in the country, know its features!

New Delhi: Keeping in mind the environment in the country, the government has been emphasizing on the use of electric vehicles for a long time. At the same time, the government is also paying great attention to electric vehicles. After electric buses, cars, bikes and scooties, the government has now taken the initiative to build electric highways in the country. Whose construction work has started. So let us tell you what is an electric highway and where is it being built?

What is Electric Highway?

Generally, vehicles running on the highway run on petrol, diesel or CNG. But the electric highway will be such a highway on which all electric vehicles will run. The electric highway will be similar to the normal highway but wires will be installed on top of this highway. Explain that vehicles running on this highway like trains will get electricity from these wires and this electricity will work as fuel for these vehicles. Charging points will also be installed on this highway for charging electric vehicles. Due to which the general public will not have any kind of problem.

Where is this highway being built?

Let us tell you that the government is preparing to build this electric highway between Delhi and Jaipur. Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had announced this in Dausa district of Rajasthan. At the same time, this highway will be completely electric and only electric vehicles will run in it. After being fully prepared, this will be the first e-highway of the country.

Electric Highway: Why is e-highway necessary?

The Government of India is committed to reduce Green House Gas emissions. PM Modi had announced in November 2021 that India would achieve the goal of net zero by the year 2070. This electric highway is a big step towards achieving the same goal. This highway will be completely eco-friendly and will go a long way in reducing the pollution level. In this, electricity will be used to run vehicles, which will be cheaper than petrol and diesel. On the one hand, where dependence on petrol and diesel will directly reduce, on the other hand, it will also prove to be very beneficial for the environment.

Benefits of e-highway?

The biggest advantage of e-highway is that it will be very beneficial for the environment. Along with this, there will be a significant reduction in the logistics cost from the e-highway. At present, transportation cost is a major reason for the increase in the prices of things. If the transportation cost comes down, then things can become cheaper. Apart from this, this announcement of the Union Minister is being considered as a big step in the way of promoting electric vehicles in the country.

And where is the E-highway?

Please tell that India is not the first country to make e-highway. Electric highways are already in use in Sweden and Germany. Whereas Sweden is the first country in the world to start E-Highway. Sweden started the trial of the e-highway in 2016 and started the first e-highway in 2018. On the other hand, after Sweden, Germany started the electric highway in 2019.