The petitioner files affidavit in SC; removal of farmers from Delhi borders

New Delhi: Farmers’ organizations have been standing on the borders of Delhi for nearly 45 days against the 3 agricultural laws of the central government. The farmer movement is getting full support from abroad. Their motives are also high in the severe cold and cold wave and farmers are adamant about demanding the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws.

Meanwhile, there is a new twist in the case. According to NDTV, Delhi citizen Rishabh Sharma has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court. The affidavit states that farmers should be removed from the borders of the capital. Performing this way by blocking the way is against the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court in the Shaheen Bagh case.

Petitioner Rishabh Sharma said in his request that 3,500 crore is being lost everyday due to the demonstration and road jam. Prices of raw materials have gone up by 30 percent. He said in his application that the Supreme Court in its previous interim order had said that the protest should take place peacefully, but the protesters damaged the mobile towers. This is in violation of the orders of the Supreme Court. It is to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday.

It may be noted that the eighth round of negotiations between the government and the farmers regarding agricultural laws was also fruitless. Farmers’ organizations remained adamant on the demand for withdrawal of agricultural laws as before. 40 farmer organizations participated in the farmer and government talks yesterday. Farmers have announced that if their demands are not met, a tractor march will be carried out in the capital on Republic Day. The next round of meeting between the farmers and the government is to be held on 15 January.