The third wave of Corona will hit in 3 months, but will be less fatal: scientist

New Delhi: A genuusist of the creature Department of Banaras Hindu University, Professor Dnyaneshwar Choubey said that the third wave of Corona virus will be less fatal, who have vaccinated or those who have been cured by the virus and children. Choubey said that those who were vaccinated to Covid-19 and who are recovering Corona sufferers, they will come under the preserved group during the third wave.

He said that the chances of the wave will come after at least three months, but the immunity of people will increase the potential of people from the running Corona virus vaccination and will help them face the wave.

Choubey said, “As every three months the antibody levels fall, there is a possibility of the third wave. This means, if the level of antibody falls in the next three months, then a third wave can come. But the ongoing vaccination campaign will help fight against the virus. If our immunity is more than 70 percent, then the effect of Covid-19 will reduce the effect in that group, and gradually its frequency will start lower. This is to see us. “Choubey further said that where the virus can not be stopped, the mortality rate can be reduced.

He further said, “From time to time, Corona will be at the peak, but it will eventually be reduced. Once the antibody level is reduced, the probability of Covid-19 will increase. Nevertheless, for the people of the protected group, the mortality rate will be very low.

In such a way, he said that if one of the two to four lakh people is killed, it would be a big deal. He said, “If our entire population becomes infected with Corona and we keep the mortality below 0.1 or 1 per cent, even then we will win this war.

Talking about the vaccination of children, Choubey said that Zaidas Cadilla vaccine is expected to come to the market in the next three to four months, so that children can be saved more than Covid -19. They also noted that during the previous two waves, children have always been less affected by the virus.

Between reports of increasing the case in North-East and Kerala, he said that only 10 to 20 cases are being recorded in large states like Uttar Pradesh, which should be seen as a good sign.

He said, “In Kerala, only 40 percent of the seropocitivity has developed. While in UP, 70 percent of the people had developed seropicity. After one month, the case in Kerala will be reduced, such as in UP. “