There is no fire in Rahul Gandhi but Congress is playing with fire by trying to create Hindu-Muslim divide: Rajnath

New Delhi, May 5: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has no fire while his party is playing with fire by attempting to create a Hindu-Muslim divide for electoral gains.

In an interview, Singh also indicated that if the BJP retains power for the third consecutive time then it will implement its big plans like implementing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and ‘One Nation One Election’.

The Defense Minister also said that he is confident that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will cross 400 seats and the BJP will get more than 370 seats as these projections were made after a detailed assessment of the ground situation and are meant for public consumption only. Were not made.

On the overall political scenario, the Defense Minister accused the Congress of trying to disturb social harmony and create tension on religious lines.

“They are trying to create Hindu-Muslim divide for electoral gains. Congress is trying to create tension on religious lines,” he alleged.

“Congress wants to disturb social harmony. They see the Muslim community only as a vote bank. I have a suggestion for them – politics should not be done only to form the government. The aim of politics should be nation building.” He said.

He said, “There is no fire in Rahul Gandhi but Congress is playing with fire.”

Singh said the people of the country will repose their trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there will be a significant improvement in BJP’s seats based on the government’s performance in the last five years.

“Our seats will increase in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and we will get some seats in Tamil Nadu. Our account will also open in Kerala. We are winning a good number of seats in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana,” the senior BJP leader said. ,

“We will increase our seats in Odisha, Jharkhand and Assam,” he said. We are winning in Chhattisgarh.” He said that BJP will cross the 370 mark.

When asked whether BJP’s seats would reduce in Maharashtra, he did not give a direct answer but said that there could be some adjustments here and there.

The BJP leader also strongly criticized the Congress for its plan to “redistribute” wealth and said it would have disastrous consequences for the country’s economy.

“The concept of wealth redistribution will lead to recession. Argentina and Venezuela implemented it and suffered disastrous consequences. Investors will lose confidence in India,” Singh said.

On BJP’s big plans to retain power like implementing UCC and ‘One Nation One Poll’, Singh said it fulfills the promises made to the people of India.

In its manifesto, the BJP promised to implement the UCC if returned to power after the general elections.

Singh said, “We always fulfill our commitments. We will never allow our credibility to be questioned and will not compromise with the unity and integrity of the country. We implement what we say in our manifesto. Says he has to.”

“We will move forward for ‘One Nation One Election’. We will take views of every quarter, including all political parties, on this,” he said.

On UCC, the Defense Minister said that the framers of the Constitution also felt the need for it, as it is mentioned in the Directive Principles.

“Congress wants to create an atmosphere of fear; they want to use the Hindu-Muslim card,” he said.