This is not a ‘Farmers movement’, Its an anti-national: Suresh Chavan

On the road, there was agitation for the farmers and the government and the police could not do anything. The court also left everything to the police by sending only observers and the police could not retaliate. Swords and other weapons were used in this movement, anti-national slogans were raised. This is not a movement, but a war waged against the country. It is being called a ‘democratic movement’, not a war.

What has not happened in this movement, which we say is immoral and anti-law? People participating in this have placed it within the purview of law. This movement has misused the democracy of the country, a clear rendering of this was done by Suresh Chavan, editor-in-chief and president of Sudarshan Vahini. He was speaking in this special symposium, ‘Kisan agitation or anti-national conspiracy?’ Under the program ‘Bahar Hindu Rashtra Ki’ organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. The event was watched by over 34000 people through ‘You Tube Live’ and ‘Facebook’.

Noted writer and editor of ‘Manushi’ monthly magazine Pvt. Madhu Purnima Kishwar said on this occasion, “After the country became independent, so far various governments and societies here have given the liberty to make laws like the Left, the Islamic bloc and the foreign institutions supplying money to them. Therefore, no new law will be made without his permission, he has become used to it. Even the Law Ministry does not have the courage to go against them, it is regrettable. On the contrary, despite India being a Hindu-majority country, the government also behaves against the Hindus, it has been clear from many examples. At present, Hindu-born leaders are also spreading venom and inequality in society against Hindus in the country. If this continues, how long will our Hindu society remain strong? ‘

Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, said at this time, ‘Seeing the reality related to what happened at the time of the peasant movement, this crisis has come to its doorstep in the capital of the country even after crossing all borders on Republic Day. In this peasant movement, books and liquor of Khalistanists were distributed. Who is supplying it? With all the systems that we have, why come to mind after all this happens? Regarding the farmers’ movement, only the farmers will speak, this propaganda is currently being done by some political leaders especially the leftist leaders and so-called thinkers. Are they farmers? Then why do these leaders, who do not believe in Hindutva, think about Hindus? There is a need to awaken Hindu society in relation to the false propaganda system going on in the country. The ideology of the Hindu nation is the answer to all questions, it should be kept in mind.

Vikas Saraswat, co-ordinator of Indic Academy, Agra, said at this time, ‘The agitation is going on in the name of this movement that is going on at present. Similar to ‘CAA-NRC’, this movement was carried out with no specific point, stone pelting, policemen beatings and property damage to the country. The movement he organized on 26 January was not ‘rebellion’ but ‘treason’. The groups that are involved in this movement are being used for different reasons, this is unfortunate.’