Tikait wanted, police to kill the agistator those who attacked the Red Fort

Now Tikait’s motive is clear, agitation on the republic day confronting with the government and police. He says The police do not want to fend off the farmers, so they did not shoot at those who attacked the Red Fort, claims Tikait.

Rakesh Tikait, national spokesman of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, today claimed that the tractor rally organized by the farmers on Republic Day in Delhi was ‘successful’.

He also said that it was a conspiracy hatched by the police to discredit the farmers’ movement, which is why not a single shot was fired to stop those who closed the Red Fort.

“If there was an incident, then the Delhi Police is responsible for it. How is it that just about anyone can get a storm in the Red Fort and the police do not fire a single bullet? It was just a conspiracy to discredit the farmers union. The farmers’ movement will continue as speaking to news agency ANI

Here is a viral video of Rakesh Tikait, openly incited violence. Why he can’t behind bars now?