Top Scientist of WHO warns the variants that accelerate the corona blast

New Delhi: The Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization on Corona virus explosion said on Saturday that the Covid-19 variant spreading in India is more infectious and can rescue it from vaccine.

In an interview with AFP, Soumya Swaminathan warned many reasons behind the growing havoc of Corona virus in India. Swaminathan said that the reason behind the Corona explosion suddenly in India is a new variant of Corona virus, which is very infectious and deadly. At the same time, he has also considered the slow pace of vaccination.

Let India first recorded more than 4,000 Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours on Saturday, and more than 4 lakh people were victims of Corona virus infection. The Indian government is struggling to control Corona virus outbreak, which has shaken the entire health system.

Indian pediatrician and clinical scientist, Swaminathan said, Covid-19’s B.1.617 version, which was first found in India in October last, is clearly an important factor of devastation in India.

He insisted that Corona virus alone alone for accidentally increase in matters and deaths in India can not be held guilty. He said that due to the ‘huge social mix and large celebrations’ in the country, due to the ‘huge social mix and big celebrations’ in the country, it became increased. He blamed the large-scale electoral rallies organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other politicians for partially increased infections.

In the interview given to the news agency AFB, Dr. Soumya Swaminath warned that the corona epidemic we are seeing in India today is a sign that this variant of Corona is spreading fast. He suggested that measures to avoid Corona blast in India are only vaccination campaigns and also need to accelerate it.