Trump ended the 2020 campaign like he did in 2016

President Trump ended his 2020 campaign the same way he did in 2016 – fighting to pull back another coming-of-age victory at a late-night rally.

Many logistic issues have been discussed in this program, such as have been done at many rallies domestically. Hours waited for cars to line up for at least three miles. When the parking lot at the airport, where the rally is being filled, police started directing people to an overflow, but dozens of people left their cars on the side of the road and started walking through an area in the dark The sound of rally music in the distance turned.

While the journey is strong on symbolism – Trump often retracts the story of his 2016 Midnight Michigan rally and how he believes it helped him win the state – campaign aides this time over his chances of winning Michigan Feeling pessimistic about. More than 3 million ballots have already been cast, nearly 60 percent of the total votes cast in 2016, and Trump has consistently implicated Democratic candidate Joe Biden in nearly every election in the state for months.

When Trump was initially scheduled to speak, there was a long queue of people awaiting screening by the Secret Service. This is a very different scene than Trump’s late night rally in Miami. Not only is it about a 50 degree cooler, it’s a more muted crowd than Miami, where it had the feeling of two Spanish-speaking music acts and a summer concert.

Michigan received a national anthem performance by Ted Nugent, who called the crowd “the real Michigan. It’s not Gretchen Whitmer Michigan.” This is freedom Michigan, God’s country, law and order and deer hunting Michigan. “

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