Uttarakhand tunnel: Latest on rescue operation of workers trapped

Authorities have identified a location for vertical drilling to rescue 41 workers trapped inside a collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand. Officials said a drilling machine brought from the upper part of the hill above the tunnel will be used to dig a vertical shaft in the demolished Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi.

In a major breakthrough, officials on Tuesday established a communication link with 41 stranded workers, providing information about their health and mental condition. The employees are understood to keep themselves busy with regular walks, yoga and regular communication with loved ones. According to the government-appointed psychiatrist overseeing the rescue operation, one worker, who has been in a similar situation before, is also making sure everyone’s confidence remains high.

Details emerged after officials established communication links with the stranded workers.

“We have maintained constant contact, suggested activities like yoga, walking and encouraged interaction among them to maintain high morale. One of those trapped inside is Gabbar Singh Negi, who had been involved in similar activities earlier. Being the oldest among them, Dr Abhishek Sharma, a government-appointed psychiatrist overseeing the mental health of the stranded workers, said, according to The Indian Express, “He is making sure that everyone’s confidence is high. are.”

Puffed rice, gram and dry fruits are being supplied to the workers through a 6-inch supply pipe. The administration plans to diversify its food supply with bananas, apple slices, porridge and khichdi. He has been given anti-depressants and medications while awaiting rescue from inside the collapsed tunnel.

Officials said the stranded workers have also created a designated area about a kilometer away from the debris for their hygiene needs.

An international tunneling expert, who has been involved in the complex rescue operation, today said authorities have identified two locations for vertical drilling to rescue construction workers trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel. Construction workers have been trapped inside the Silkyara tunnel for more than 10 days now. In a major breakthrough, rescue workers managed to develop a face-to-face communication link with 41 workers through a 6-inch-wide endoscopic camera.

The camera was pushed through a six-inch pipe that was drilled through the tunnel to send food and walkie-talkies to the workers. Rescue officials were able to see and talk to the trapped workers through cameras and walkie-talkies. Rescue officials said the workers seemed fine despite spending 10 days in the tunnel, which collapsed during construction activity on November 12.

“Certainly, the news we’ve had in the last few hours is fantastic. It’s great to see the faces of people we’re going to bring home. We’re giving them food now, we’re communicating with them now .You’ve seen this morning that we have multiple approaches to the rescue. It’s a nice morning,” said international tunneling expert Arnold Dix, who is overseeing operations at the site.

Giving information about the rescue operation, he said, “Once the site is ready, vertical drilling will start because for vertical drilling it is very important that it is done very precisely… I think the team here has Did an amazing job.” Great…two locations identified (for vertical drilling). We are going to save these people. “41 men are coming home and nobody gets hurt, that’s the mission.”

The tunnel – which connects Silkyara Mor in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand to Barkot – is being constructed as part of the Centre’s ambitious Char Dham project, which aims to connect the four main pilgrimage sites of Hindus – Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri o improve road connectivity.