Vice President calls for eradication of poverty, corruption and social evils

New Delhi: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for a coordinated effort towards eradication of gender discrimination such as poverty, corruption and other social evils in order to build an economically strong India. He said that doing so would be a true tribute to our freedom fighters.

Vice President Naidu said in his Facebook post on the occasion of the completion of 75 years of India’s independence, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, on the occasion of the launch of ‘Festival of Independence – Festival of 75 Weeks’ It was a moment and an opportunity to remember the legacy entrusted to us by Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters. He said that it is our sacred duty to always remember the extraordinary spirit of our freedom fighters, their supreme sacrifices and strong ideals. Referring to the 25-day padyatra that started today from Sabarmati to Dandi, Shri Naidu said that at that time Mahatma Gandhi had undertaken the historic Salt Yatra and it is a celebration of India’s independence achieved after much struggle.

This padyatra inspires us to take inspiration from the past and together we face the present and upcoming challenges with full perseverance, courage and faith. Referring to the great Dandi Yatra, Shri Naidu said that at that time, the simple but powerful symbol ‘Salt’ had created a buzz in the whole country. At that time Gandhiji did this with unwavering commitment due to non-violence and his strong will power and showed to the British Empire and the whole world that India would no longer succumb to oppressive forces.

Vice President Naidu emphasized the need to educate the youth of the country about their great heroes, how thousands of courageous men and women of our nation went ahead and participated in the freedom struggle and overthrowing the imperialist regime from the country Helped.

The Vice President said that while we enjoy the fruits of our freedom, we should also keep in mind that this vision of freedom is fully realized only when we achieve all our objectives and promises set out in the Constitution . He advised that the journey so far since our independence should be evaluated and the new fronts of development should also be focused on. Shri Naidu also suggested that in order to make India more prosperous and strong, it is very important for the people of the country, especially the youth, to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He said that we should go back to the roots of our civilization, uphold universal values ​​and always be in tune with the environment and establish a connection with nature. It is our duty to assign a green and healthy earth to future generations.

Vice-President Naidu also said that we should resolve to try and be at the forefront of the fight by the forces dividing the people on a superficial basis. He recalled how during the freedom struggle many people shared the unity of India. And had speculated about the flexibility of integrity, but how the people of the country proved them to be decisively wrong and gave an unbroken introduction of their unity and integrity.

Naidu said that the diversity of India and the common values ​​of our civilization actually strengthen the unity of the nation. He said that when we believe in personal freedom and the peaceful co-existence of all communities and we recognize the common bonds that bind us all, and it is ‘Indianness that keeps us all united’.

Referring to the vision of our leaders who took part in the freedom struggle and constitution, the Vice President said that our deep commitment to the welfare and development of the people of the country is enshrined in our constitutional values. Referring to various schemes of the government such as Saubhagya Yojana, Ayushman Bharat and Kisan Samman Nidhi, he said that these initiatives’ ensure the ease of living life and the benefits of benefits to everyone.

In this context, Naidu also spoke about how the model of good governance has evolved from the top level to the low level and has adopted the approach of decentralization, citizen-oriented and participatory approach.

Vice President Naidu said that this is the spirit we have to go ahead and resolve to build a stronger and more prosperous India. He suggested that we need to focus on the skills and training of our youth in order to meet the new demand of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to take advantage of the demographic advantage of the country.

He also said that in the democratic process, it is our duty to include the most deprived people in the society, people suffering from different types of disabilities, women, elderly and transgenders and they are made eligible for the benefits of development.

He advised that we should also ensure that every citizen has access to better education, health, employment and nutrition. “We have to strive to be self-reliant in all fields and by doing so we can pay true tribute to our freedom fighters.”

The Vice President concluded his speech urging people to actively participate in this festival in large numbers and strengthen the democratic roots of the country. He wished the festival a success.

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