Want to get rid of corona collar tune?

New Delhi: Nowadays Corona virus caller tune on the phone has kept people worried. Actually, this tune was asked by the Government of India to play all telephone service providers to spread awareness. However, now the corona has been spread over 6 months in India and these tunes have been caught continuously after listening to it several times a day. Now people want to get rid of this collar tune. If you too have been troubled by the repeated corona virus caller tune while calling someone on the phone, then this news is of great use to you. Today we are going to give you some tips that can get rid of this caller tune.

Before getting rid of the Corona Caller Tune, let us know why we hear this alert again and again. Actually, the Corona epidemic has wreaked havoc in the country. Crores of people across the world, including India, have fallen prey to it. In such a situation, when Corona entered India, the government had directed this caller tune to make all telephone service providers mandatory to spread awareness among the people.

These tunes even though suggest ways to prevent corona infection. You may have been bored with this voice, but this voice has made millions aware of the corona virus. However, after the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions, the Corona Caller Tune now also provides the necessary information about the unlock process. People have been troubled by listening to this caller tune for about 6 months.

People want to avoid the corona virus caller tune heard on the phone or skip it, but they are unable to do so because of not knowing the right way. Let me tell you that the step we are going to tell you was not available initially, but after so many days have passed, now the option of skipping the caller tune is also coming. Let us know that some trick users have created this trick, not by the company itself.

To turn off this caller tune, first you have to call someone from your phone. After that, the caller of the corona virus should wait for the sound that is heard in the tune, which is always heard. As soon as the message starts, press 1 on your blood pressure. As soon as you press 1 on the blood pressure, the caller tune will stop and you will be able to hear the normal ring.

This will not work in some smartphones
Please tell that in some smartphones it does not stop by pressing number 1 on the touch screen, instead of pressing Rs it can also turn off the caller tune. However we do not claim that our stated trick will work in all smartphones. But let us tell you that when our team tried this trick, this caller tune was not heard in the phone. Then why don’t you take advantage of this trick? Once clicked, you cannot hear the ring, then try again, it may become your job.

Many times you must have tried to know whose voice is heard in the caller tune? So let me tell you that this voice that is heard on Callertune is from Jasleen Bhalla. Jasleen is a well-known voice-over artist and if you listen carefully to the advertisements appearing on TV and radio, you will know that you have heard this voice many times before. Jasleen has recorded several versions of this collar tune of Corona. They are also in many other languages.

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