We rarely see such amazing scenes, wherever dangerous species becomes friends

Korba: Surprising videos from different state of the country and abroad keep coming up, the same adorable and heart touching videos were found in Korba district of Chhattisgarh.

Snake rescue teams of Korba district are constantly working for the conservation of creatures. During the rainy days, snakes are constantly come out, which they rescue and leave them in a safe forest, which saves the lives of humans along with the snake, as well as keeping the balance of the environment, Jitendra Sarathi, chairman of the rescue team told that our team of the district Urban and rural areas working.

In the same sequence, two cobra species from different areas of the district were rescued and left the forest, on which they kept water thinking that due to the heat, they would be thirsty for which the water took a bottle, after reaching the forest, the snake was extracted. He was very angry. The charioteer gave water to the cobra with a water bottle kept with him, after which the snake started drinking water and calmed down.

This view was very beautiful and amazing, seeing Jitendra and his team member Raju Burman, the martyr was very happy. Sarathi described that moment as the most precious moment of her life, as well as the moment of forgetting, such scenes are rarely seen abroad in the country. Last year also a video was revealed where a king cobra wandered from the jungle in the urban areas. I had come to see a person drinking water. Due to the heat, thousands of animals die in death, for which Jitendra Sarathi asked all the people to keep water in a vessel around the house, so that no animal could die of thirst. At the same time, Jitendra Sarathi sought help from the administration for his team so that his team would continue their work in the area and well.