Weather Forecast: Current weather conditions and forecast for next 2 weeks

New Delhi: Northwest India received 220 percent more rainfall than the long-term average due to active western disturbances as predicted. Except West Rajasthan, all the divisions of Northwest India received excess rainfall. The northeast monsoon was active over the South Peninsula in the week. This caused 73 percent more rainfall than the long-term average. Most subdivisions of the South Peninsula received heavy to very heavy rainfall.

Rainfall for week 1 (19 to 25 November 2020)

A low pressure area in the middle of the South Arabian Sea can move west to northwest and pressure over the southwest Arabian Sea in the next 48 hours. But this will not affect the weather in the Indian region.

The cyclonic rotation with low pressure remained at the lower level of the comorin region. Due to this, heavy rains occurred along with thunderstorms and lightning over Kerala and Mahe and Lakshadweep on 19th and 20th. Scattered rains in South Tamil Nadu on 19 November. Thereafter, the possibility of weakening of rainfall.

Possibly above normal rainfall over Coastal and South Tamil Nadu. Possibility of normal rainfall in remaining parts of South Peninsular India. Rain, snowfall is likely over the western Himalayas. There is no possibility of rain in the remaining parts of the country.

Rainfall for Week 2: (November 26 to December 2, 2020)

Possibility of normal rainfall and heavy rainfall at isolated places due to fresh air coming from the east in South Peninsular India. Chance of less than normal or no rain in the rest of the country. (Enclosure V)
Minimum temperature for weeks 1 and 2: November 19 to December 2, 2020

In most places of Northwest India, the minimum temperature is 2-4 ° C below normal and 2-6 ° C above normal in most parts of Central, East and North Peninsular India. It is likely to gradually decrease to 2-4 ° C in North West India in the first half of the first week. After 24 hours, the temperature in Central India is expected to be 2-4 ° C and after 48 hours in the next three days the temperature in East India is likely to be 2-3 ° C.

Cold wave likely at isolated places in northwest India in second half of first week

The minimum temperature is likely to be 2-6 ° C in most parts of Northwest India and 2-4 ° C during Week 1 in Central, East and North Peninsular India. (Annex VI)

Temperature is below normal in most parts of the country except parts of South Peninsular India and North Eastern states. Temperature likely to be above normal or above normal in North-Eastern States (Annex VI)

Cyclogenesis: (cyclone due to strong low pressure area in the atmosphere)

High probability of pressure over the southwest Arabian Sea in the first part of week-1 and a possible west-northwest direction towards North Somalia coast during November 22-24, 2020.
Low probability of cyclone over the Bay of South West Bengal in the later part of Week 1.

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