What is Guru Mahadasha? How Jupiter is considered the guide of Gods and know its effects

In today’s materialistic world, everyone aspires for success, comfort, growth, fame and fulfillment of their hard work. However, Vedic astrology suggests that the celestial bodies in the solar system deeply influence our lives, and their placement in our birth chart serves as a blueprint for our entire life. One such influential planet is Jupiter.

In astrology, Jupiter, known as ‘Jupiter’ or ‘Dev Guru’, is considered the guide of the gods. As the largest planet in the solar system, it is associated with expansion, intelligence, knowledge and good fortune. Jupiter, representing the growth, expansion and spiritual aspect of the individual, is considered to be the priest of the gods and the son of Maharishi Angira. It rules the ninth house, which is associated with higher learning, philosophy, and religious aspects.

Guru Mahadasha:

The term “Guru Mahadasha” refers to the 16-year phase where Jupiter is at the center and dominates one’s birth chart, influencing various aspects of life. Strong position of Jupiter indicates opportunities, prosperity, spirituality, social status, divine grace, intelligence and knowledge. On the contrary, an inauspicious place can hinder the attainment of knowledge, intelligence, higher education and can lead to various health problems.

There are negative effects if Jupiter is placed in inauspicious houses (6th, 8th and 12th), or if it is placed with Venus or Mercury, or if it is under the challenging aspect of Saturn, Mars or Rahu.

Impractical Decisions: Due to Jupiter’s association with growth, individuals may be overly optimistic, leading to impractical decisions.

Overindulgence: Jupiter’s association with Bhoga can result in overindulgence, leading to overspending and overspending.

Lack of focus: A bad phase of Jupiter can affect productivity and creativity, leading to lack of concentration.

Financial Challenges: Adverse placements may result in financial instability.

Philosophical changes: Individuals with afflicted Jupiter may experience conflicting thoughts within themselves.


Worship Jupiter: To harness the positive energy of Jupiter, chant Jupiter related mantras like ‘Om Graan Grin Graun Sah Gurve Namah’ 108 times daily.

Wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj: These gemstones, associated with Jupiter, can align with the planet and harness its positive energy when worn by individuals.

Fast on Thursday: Fasting on Thursday related to Jupiter is considered beneficial.

Worship Lord Vishnu: Thursday is associated with Lord Vishnu. While worshiping on Thursday, offer jaggery and gram pulses and wear yellow clothes.

Worship the banana tree: Especially on Thursday, worship the banana tree by offering turmeric, jaggery and gram dal.