What is Kaal Sarp Yog in one’s horoscope and what are the remedy

Vedic astrology or numerological astrology is a predictive science that has been used since ancient times to gain insight into a person’s present life and future. The astronomical positions of the planets in the horoscope create a position called ‘yoga’ (not to be confused with yogic postures). One such yoga is ‘Kaal Sarp Dosh Yoga’, which is believed to bring bad luck throughout life.

‘Kaal Sarp Yog’ is a specific alignment of the planets during the birth of a person, which occurs when all seven planets get trapped between Rahu and Ketu, forming a serpent structure, with Rahu representing the head and Ketu represents the snake’tail.

According to Vedic astrology, this term is called ‘Kaal Sarp Yoga’ because ‘Kaal’ is said to be the presiding deity of Rahu, while ‘Serpent’ is a representative deity, hence it is named as ‘Kaal Sarp Yoga’.


Astrologers believe that this cosmic alignment can bring imbalance, misfortune, misfortune and instability into a person’s life. Kaalsarp Yoga is often associated with negativity and is believed to affect a person with this dosha in several ways:

Instability in life

Many people believe that this defect can cause bad luck and instability in life. It can be related to any aspect of life, be it career, marriage, money, health etc.


We wonder how you’re thinking about the situation. Individuals with Kaal Sarp Dosh often experience poor health conditions, fall ill frequently or easily become vulnerable to any disease. The problem arises when they are ready to face another obstacle.
effects on mental health

This defect increases the level of stress and anxiety in a person’s life. Individuals face emotional turmoil and turmoil in their lives due to which they become unable to find the purpose of life.

Obstacles and Challenges

If you have this dosha in your birth chart, you may face challenges and problems throughout your life, possibly in your career, childbirth, overall well-being, or wealth accumulation.

Remedy A universal and highly recommended remedy suggested by astrologers is the chanting of Rahu (18,000) and Ketu (17,000) mantras. According to Vedic astrology, this defect can be mitigated in Kaliyuga only if these mantras are chanted four times a day. Since this may not be possible for some people, astrologers have suggested some alternative solutions, including:

  • Worship Goddess Durga – chant ‘Om Ram Rahve Namah’ 108 times. This works in case of pleasing Rahu.
  • To please Ketu, worship Lord Ganesha by chanting ‘Om Kem Ketve Namah’ 108 times.
  • You can please Rahu and Ketu by adopting different gemstones. For example, Rahu is the master of Hessonite while Lehsuniya is ruled by Ketu.
  • Identify the house in your birth chart where most of the planets are placed and align your karma accordingly.
  • Offer milk mixed with black sesame seeds to Lord Shiva. You can also offer a copper/silver snake form to Lord Shiva by taking a resolution in the temple.