What We Learned During The Corona Lockdown!

Written by Raj Kumar

People have been imprisoned in their homes after the complete lockdown that followed the spread of Corona virus infection across the country. Initially people did not understand what to do at home. The man who spent the entire day outside the house in his office was forced to stay home during the lockdown. To cut time in the house, he had the only option to either stick to mobile or TV all day. But how long a person can watch mobile and TV. That’s why working men and women stay at home and make good use of time in this lockdown.

Work out in the morning
In our daily life, we cannot get up early due to morning fatigue and even if we get up, we are in a hurry to rush to work. But since the lockdown started, people started sleeping early at night and got up early in the morning. There are many benefits of getting up early in the morning. For example, a beautiful sight of nature is seen in the morning. There is an unprecedented pleasure of watching the sun come out in the morning. We can also keep ourselves fit by waking up early in the morning and walking out of the park.

Appreciate things in life
When everything was normal, there were many such things in our life, which we did not appreciate and we used to work on the principle of all things. But, when everyone is locked in lockdown, we are aware of all those things. It was only by staying at home that we got to know how much work is done at home. So those who never used to do household work, learned to do housework in lockdown. Whether it is sweep or cooking. All kinds of housework is done by big people during the lockdown.

Spend time with family
Before the lockdown, we used to be so busy with our work that we could not make time for our family. There was no time to spend some sour and sweet moments with the family. But realized how important everyone is in the lockdown. By spending time with family members and telling them that we are all part of the same family and we are together in every difficult time. People also came to know the importance of family in this difficult time of Corona.

Fulfilling your hobbies
There are many of us who do not get time to follow their hobbies. But, in this lockdown everyone got a chance to fulfill their old hobbies. People made a fond use of time by writing, reading, singing, dancing and even cooking.

What is important
Before the lockdown, the life of the common man was nothing but a part. Every man was just running after money, but at what cost he did not know it. Now since the lockdown came, people realized that money is important, but it is important to take care of our health and live a social life. Sharing your sorrows with friends and relatives and helping others come forward. Especially those who needed help the most in such times.

Even though Corona has harmed people financially and physically, people have learned a lot during the Corona period, or say that the memory of the past has come to an end.

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