WhatsApp will not take your data, the company gave clearance after the outrage

New Delhi: WhatsApp recently announced that it is updating its terms of service and privacy policies from February 8, 2021. There were resentment and confusion among most people about the privacy policy on WhatsApp. There has been news from last week that WhatsApp will share your personal data with Facebook and Instagram. But after public opposition, the company was forced to change its decision. The company has made it clear that no information will be shared.

WhatsApp has stated in its FAQ section that the new noun policy does not affect the privacy of your trip with your friends and family. According to the company, the update will only affect emails sent to business accounts on WhatsApp, which is an entry and is an added feature.

WhatsApp has said in a statement that the app will not take data from users’ primary messages. The company has made it clear that data of private calls of common people will also not be taken. The messaging app has told the users that they do not keep the logs of any user’s calls or messages, that is, it will not be monitored.

In the new privacy policy, it was being said that WhatsApp will share the location data of every user from Facebook. But now the company has said in its statement that the data of any location of WhatsApp users have not been shared with Facebook.

The company has made it clear that the contact list in your mobile will not be shared with Facebook and it is always private. The company has cleared that the existing group chats and changes in WhatsApp will remain the main ones. The company will not share information about private groups with anyone.

After public opposition, the company has made it clear that the new privacy policy is directly related to WhatsApp business accounts. Some changes have been made in the new policy only to give a better environment to business accounts and to spread them. WhatsApp’s new rules should not be linked with the primary account.