WhatsApp’s new privacy policy delay, amidst huge confusion over data sharing

WhatsApp on Friday announced a three-month delay of a new privacy policy that originally went into effect on February 8, with widespread confusion over whether the new policy would make data sharing with Facebook mandatory.

The update does not actually affect data sharing regarding user chats or other profile information with Facebook; WhatsApp has repeatedly clarified that its update addresses business chat when a user interacts with a company’s customer service platform via WhatsApp.

“We have heard from so many people how much confusion there is around our recent updates. There have been too many mistakes to cause concern and we want to help everyone understand our theories and facts,” the company published today Written in a new blog post.

Since 2016, WhatsApp has shared some information with Facebook, including your phone number, unless you were one of the select users who opted to share what was still available that year Was. However, WhatsApp sees people’s chat messages or listens to their phone calls, and WhatsApp conversations are encrypted end-to-end to protect against those abuses.

Despite this, how WhatsApp partners with Facebook are involved in informing users of the new change, and also includes an ultimatum instructing users to delete their account if they don’t want to agree to the new terms Huh. It gave people the idea that they were being given a railroad in new, more aggressive terms.

The company released a separate blog post this week, which is trying to clear up the confusion and includes a chart specifying what information is safe and not shared when a person uses WhatsApp.