‘Where are we’: Jwala Gutta posted about grandmother’s death, she received racist reply

‘Where are we’: Jwala Gutta posted about grandmother’s death, she received racist reply

Badminton player Jwala Gutta said that she was a victim of racism on social media on Friday after tweeting about the death of her grandmother in China and was asked why she was called a coronavirus “not a Covid and a Chinese virus”. Gutta, whose mother is Chinese and has faced racism in the past, said she was stunned after receiving “racist” comments after posting about her grandmother’s death.

Gutta Jwala

“Ammama passed away in China on the eve of CNM! My mother visits her 2 times every month but for the past one year she has not been able to because of Covid. How Covid has made us realize how much 2 is currently Whatever is important, we can do it for our fans whenever we want! Happy New Year, ”tweeted Gupta, former world number 6.

She later shared a picture of a reply by a user on her tweet. “Covid or Chinese Virus?”. This is what anyone would get … for any racist comments on my TL … and if you come to my family then !! “Gutta replied with the picture.

The 14-time national champion then talked about the “racist reply” she received. “I mourn the loss of my grandmother, who passed away in China and to my surprise, I get racist answers….” And I was asked why I say Covid and not Chinese virus…. What has happened to our society… Where is the sympathy… Where are we headed… And there are the R defenders? Shame! “She wrote.

Several users, including Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi, tweeted in support of the post’s barrage. “You have always worked hard and brought medals and pride to India. I stand by you and express my condolences as well.

Another Congress leader M. In response to her tweet, Prithviraj Singh said, “A fighter on Ur and away from the court. Ignore these racists. I stand with you and my condolences.”

Last year, Gutta had faced racial attacks since the Covid-19 outbreak, but said she chose to ignore and move on. “I really pity them. These people who are trolling me are the ones who will come to take a selfie. So I didn’t really pay much attention to them, “she said.