Who doesn’t want freedom?

For a subordinate caste, its national ideal is the only test of its manhood, strength and virility. What is this national ideal? This national ideal is the emancipation of the caste, the desperate aspiration for the freedom of the native land. By accepting this national ideal in our lives, only those who are ready to surrender under its altar, to contribute to the liberation struggle, we can count them in the liberation-kami party of the country. On the contrary, those who keep away from the freedom struggle by inventing different types of methods or by criing for very sweet principles like peace, fraternity, love of the world, we cannot consider them as freedom fighters.

In the subject country, there can be no party in the middle except the freedom fighters and the anti-independence parties. We only want to know who is in favor of independence and who is not. When the freedom struggle was started in America, at that time an American historian Thomas Paine had put this test before him for the people of America. At that time there were some people in America, who had become frustrated in the name of complete independence to protect their aristocracy, position, dignity and opulence. The question was whether by severing ties with England, the chanting of independence benefits or Swaraj should be achieved under the umbrella of England?

In these, the supporters of backward thought used to preach to the people that our welfare lies in maintaining relations with the country with which we have been in contact for so many days, as a result of which our country has progressed in all respects. Take the path of love and fraternity by staying away from opposition, discord and anger and hatred. But the selfishness, cowardice and arrogance that were hidden behind such teachings, could not remain undetected for many days.

Thomas Paine, while stating the absurdity of such tips and teachings, wrote that the people who give such preaching are selfish, do not believe them. They are weak, they do not have farsightedness, some such sanskars are already fixed in their mind, which do not allow them to think objectively. They are soft parties because they are brave.

Don’t believe in such people. They can be pundits, they can be thoughtful, they can be benevolent and charitable, they can be religious, but they cannot be freedom fighters. Not only these seekers of the freedom struggle, but they will continue to be equally hindrances. Therefore, be constantly careful with such people, do not believe their words, do not show reverence to their teachings. Don’t forget their righteousness, their philanthropy, their charity, their name and sweetness, don’t be deceived. Despite being a pundit, he is a fool, despite being religious-fearing, he is a man, despite being benevolent, he is a glutton of fame and fame, and despite being a charity, he is miserly at heart.

What can be the value of their righteousness, when the freedom by which the all-round welfare of the masses is possible, they refrain from trying to achieve that freedom. What can be the importance of their charity and philanthropy, when the freedom by which the whole country can be benefited, they ridicule the struggle for that freedom, show hatred towards it and for their selfish means.

They betray the ideals of the country. There can be only one criterion to test all the qualities of such people, there can be only one criterion of their humanity and that is that they will become supporters of the freedom struggle or else its opponents. If they are opposed to the freedom movement, if they do not have affection for independence, then their qualities of knowledge, intelligence, character, aesthetic sense, love of art, etc. have no value in our eyes.

They cannot pave the way for our happiness, peace and well-being. They cannot be our friends, they cannot be our well-wishers. We do not want knowledge-intellect, we do not want erudition, we do not want aesthetic sense, we do not want art-love, we do not want religious souls and saints, we do not want worshipers of freedom, priests of liberation-sacrifice, to bear the glory of freedom. Valiant soldiers!

Our national ideal is Swaraj and Independence. This ideal is as bright and luminous as sunlight. We are the priests of this ideal. This is the main support of our life path. We will not allow this ideal to be tarnished or tarnished in any way. Whoever will help us in realizing this ideal, will support us, he will be our friend, he will be our confidant, he will become our affection, in him we will realize our individuality, no matter how foolish, how poor, how much Why not just be a normal person!

He is in favor of freedom, longs for freedom from the heart, wants to see free from the chains of bondage of the motherland, feels the pains of freedom, so he is acceptable to us.