Whole country stands like a rock with families of martyred soldiers: Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah went to the Basaguda CRPF camp in Bijapur district, just a few kilometers from the April 3 Naxal incident in Chhattisgarh. Amit Shah interacted with the jawans involved in the encounter and also had a meal with them. While bowing to the courage and valor of the security personnel to end Naxalism, Shah said that I can say with confidence that this fight will reach its end soon.

Amit Shah said that the sacrifice of your comrades will not go in vain, the whole country stands like a rock with families of martyred soldiers. He said that you fought with great bravery for many hours in such an uneven situation, the whole country is proud of you. The Union Home Minister said that till 4-5 years ago, in areas where we could not reach, you fought for many hours with great bravery, there has been a huge loss of the Naxalites.

Shri Amit Shah also said that due to the problem of Naxalism, there is no development in this area. We have to fight against this evil in order to develop the millions of people here and provide them employment, education and health facilities.

The Union Home Minister said that the government is trying to come with all arms and I want to say again today that we are welcome to put on arms, but if there are weapons in hand, then there is no other way. Shri Amit Shah said that due to the zeal and valor of the security personnel, it is due to your nature to fight in adverse conditions that the Naxal problem in the country has reduced to a large extent today.

Many areas have been ejected from this problem, but this area today remains the epic center of the Naxal problem. He said that your deployment in this area is your special responsibility. When this battle has reached its final stage, we will have to fight till the victory is achieved with the same valor and the same spirit with which you have fought for years without losing any courage. The Union Home Minister said that when there is a fight, there is also loss, when the companion goes, there is also sorrow, as much grief as you have, we also have grief. But we cannot stop this fight, you have to carry forward the fight with this spirit.

Amit Shah also said that I have come here today with the message of the Prime Minister of the country. In this fight, we have no choice but to win. He said that this is not our personal fight, this is a fight to develop, pacify and prosper the country.

He told the brave security personnel that you must have so much confidence that the Indian government understands your problems with full compassion and stands with you in this battle like a rock. There is also preparation and desire to fulfill your every need. The Union Home Minister said that action will be taken immediately to overcome whatever shortcomings there are after leaving here.

Amit Shah, while taking on the Naxalites, met the wounded security guards at the hospitals in Raipur and wished them to get well and wish them well soon.