WWE news: Roman Rance says the match with The Rock at WrestleMania 39 ‘just makes sense’

Reigns and The Rock may face WWE at WrestleMania 39
Roman Rance has been on a collision course with The Rock since returning to WWE at SummerSlam five months ago.

He made his New Heel personality debut during his return in August, won the Universal Championship a week later, and ran the Roughshore alongside Paul Heyman on SmackDown – ever since.

‘The Head of the Table’ first went on to end a ‘bloodbath’ story after his own cousin, Jey Uso, and is now dominating the entire roster.

Given that WWE decided to run with that angle, many fans can see it ending only one way – with a huge match at The Rock’s WrestleMania.

While this has clearly not been teased on TV, both Dwayne Johnson and Rezin have hinted that it could actually happen.

Once again this week, Roman confirmed his ambition to go toe inside the ring with his real-life cousin, saying that WrestleMania 39 would be the perfect setting in Hollywood.

“We’ll go to Hollywood for WrestleMania 39, and I think it just makes sense,” he told WWE on Fox.

Reigns and The Rock could meet at WWE WrestleMania 39
“He is the biggest box office attraction for the big screen. So, to be able to pick it up and match it with the biggest box office attraction in sports entertainment.

“I think some magic will be done.”

We certainly won’t argue with you there, Roman.

Reigns and The Rock are yet to share the ring in WWE
If he steps into the ring with The Rock, it will easily be the biggest WWE match of this Millennium.

The current story of Reigns is finally establishing him as the ‘top male’ that Vince McMahon always wanted him to be and only an icon that would be a real chance to end his dominance.

Not only would The Rock be a reliable opponent, but the match would surely signal the passage of touch, once and for all that Reign is the greatest star of his generation.