Yoga-a-thon 4.0: Get ready Starting February 14 by famous yoga trainer Ira Trivedi

Mumbai: Ira Trivedi is a multidisciplinary author, Yoga Acharya and founder of Ira Yoga Wellness, she is coming back with the fourth edition of her famous Yoga-a-thon, which will be a full-day live virtual event on 14 February.

Her team of IRA and IRA Yoga Wellness, the experiences and healing of Yoga, which has deep roots in Indian classical traditions, is the curator of Yoga. In the past, speakers such as Radhanath Swamy, BK Shivani, Daji, Ma Hansaji, Mahesh Bhupathi, Rahul Bose, Krishna Das, Dev Premal, Nithya Shanti, Dr. Pradeep Chauhan, Miki Mehta and many other famous personalities and health practitioners associated with him Have done

In the fourth edition of this momentous event, Shyamal Vallabhji, author of the internationally acclaimed life coach and author of Multiple Books, Author of International Excellent and Internationally Best Seller, IKIGAI, Francesc Mirales, Dr. Ishwar Basavardi, Director of Morji Desai Yoga National Institute, Aashay Yoga Todd Norrion, founder of and Swami Abhedanand, currently serving in Durban-based Chinmaya Mission South Africa, will be an integral part of this. February 14 is the day of love and all sessions will focus on realizing ‘A Journey of Love’.

Yogathon is a not-for-profit virtual festival hosted through Namami Yoga (, which provides yoga facilities to undernourished children. An interactive session curated to provide a great experience for people of all ages.

The event will be LIVE on February 14, which will run from 7 am to 8:30 pm. Yoga reaches to the root of things and this Yoga-a-thon will reach the children of 4.0 lower level at their level. This is better than nothing, it is the fame of Ira Trivedi and his team of Ira Yoga wellness.