Yoga has given people confidence and strength in fighting pandemics across the world: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that despite the pandemic, the theme of this year’s International Yoga Day – “Yoga for Health” has boosted the morale of the people. He wished for the health of every country, society and people and expressed hope that together we will make everyone stronger. He was speaking on the occasion of 7th International Yoga Day today.

The Prime Minister gave his views on the role of Yoga during the pandemic. He said that yoga has proved that people get strength and peace in times of crisis. He said that it was easy for countries to forget Yoga Day during the pandemic, as it is not related to their culture. But instead of this happening, the enthusiasm for yoga has increased all over the world. The Prime Minister recalled how the frontline Corona warriors made yoga their armor and strengthened themselves through yoga. People, doctors and nurses fought the ill effects of the virus with the help of yoga. He said that today experts are advocating the importance of breathing exercises like Pranayama and Anulom-Vilom, so that our respiratory system can be strengthened.

Quoting the great Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar, the Prime Minister said that yoga reaches to the root of disease and is important in healing. He expressed happiness that research is being done on the healing abilities of yoga around the world. He said that studies on the immunity power of the body through yoga and yoga are being done by the children during online classes. He said that this will prepare the children to fight against Corona.

Emphasizing on the holistic nature of Yoga, the Prime Minister said that Yoga takes care of mental health along with physical health. Through yoga, we connect with our inner strength and protect ourselves from all kinds of negativity. Referring to the positivity of yoga, the Prime Minister said, “Samtvam yoga is uchyate hi yoga. This is the authentic way of experiencing oneness and becoming one with its consciousness.” In this connection, he quoted Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, “The meaning of self cannot be attained by separation from God and others. It lies in the limitless experience of yoga, the vastness of the oneness.”

The Prime Minister said that the mantra of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” has been followed in India since ages, which has been accepted all over the world today. We are all praying for each other’s health. If there is any danger to humanity, then yoga gives us complete health. Prime Minister Shri Modi said, “Yoga shows us the way to live life happily. I am sure that Yoga will play a positive role for the health of the people along with prevention of diseases.

The Prime Minister announced that the World Health Organization has taken an important initiative today. The world will get the M-Yoga app, which will have many videos on yoga practice, which will be available in multiple languages. These videos will be based on common yoga practice. Describing this initiative as a great example of amalgamation of modern technology and ancient science, the Prime Minister expressed hope that the M-Yoga app would help in promoting Yoga across the world and would give a fillip to the efforts of ‘One World – One Health’. .

Quoting from the Gita, the Prime Minister said that the collective journey of Yoga is a continuous journey, which has a solution for all. It is necessary that Yoga reaches every person by maintaining its basic principles. The Prime Minister said that Yogacharyas and all of us should fulfill the responsibility of taking Yoga to the masses.