A Delhi businessman arrested in input tax credit fraud case

New Delhi: Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI), Gurugram Area Unit (GZU), Haryana has arrested Sanjay Goel, a citizen of New Delhi, for illegally availing and passing input tax credit (ITC) on goods invoices.

Based on the investigation conducted so far, it was revealed that Sanjay Goyal procured lead ingots (lead ingots) from unknown companies through his own M / s Redamancy World using fake invoices without a concomitant supply of goods in fake transporter records. mentioned. Thus M / s Redamancy World passed an ITC of Rs 8,17,24,829 crore on fraudulent invoices without giving the goods to various users.

This investigation was done at several places in the Delhi NCR region and based on written evidence and recorded statements, it was found that Sanjay Goyal is the main accused in the network of fake companies and transporters.

In this order, Mr. Sanjay Goyal was arrested on 08 January 2021 and presented before the duty MM, Delhi, who has issued orders to send him to judicial custody. In this case, a total of more than Rs 8 crore is accused of taking advantage of fake ITC.