Accident at IFFCO plant in Prayagraj, 2 officers died due to gas leakage

Lucknow: A major accident has occurred at the IFFCO plant in Prayagraj, UP late at night. Late-night ammonia gas leakage in the urea-making plant caused panic among the employees. Two officers have died in this accident. More than two dozen employees have fallen ill due to gas leakage. All of them have been admitted to the hospital. The condition of 15 of the victims of the gas leak is said to be critical. In this accident, the plant’s Assistant Manager BP Singh and Deputy Manager Abhinandan died.

Around 100 workers were working in the plant at the time this accident happened. After the sudden gas leak, there was an atmosphere of chaos in the company. In the grip of ammonia, many workers started falling and suffering in the factory itself. The medical team immediately sent all the victims for hospital treatment.

IFFCO (Indian Farmers and Fertilizer Cooperative Limited) has a plant at Phulpur, just 40 km from the District Magistrate Office of Prayagraj. This company is counted among the selected companies in Asia. The company was in operation late Tuesday night at around 12. At the same time, ammonia gas began to leak. There were about 100 employees and many officers working the night shift in the company. Out of which 2 officers died on the spot and many employees are injured, who are undergoing treatment in the district hospital.