Afghanistan: Rockets attack Kabul airport; defused by security personnel

New Delhi: A day after another explosion in the capital of Afghanistan on Sunday, several airstrikes were carried out around Kabul airport. Reports initially said that no damage was caused by these attacks. However, local sources later said that rockets were fired from a vehicle at Aspha Square near the airport. The rocket attacks were shot down by the defense system of Kabul International Airport.

Blast at Kabul Airport
Earlier on Sunday, a horrific explosion took place in Kabul, days after a double suicide bombing near Hamid Karzai International Airport. Reports said the explosion was the result of a rocket attack northwest of Kabul’s international airport. Apart from this, it was told that a rocket attack was carried out at a residential house in Gulai area of ​​Khajeh Baghra of 11th Security District.

Following the attack, Russia claimed six people were killed in a United States drone strike to target suicide bombers headed for Kabul airport. The United States also confirmed the attack, which it says targeted suspected Islamic State – Khorasan militants in Kabul.

Sunday’s attack follows twin suicide bombings at Kabul airport on August 26, which killed at least 169 Afghan and 13 American soldiers who were involved in an evacuation operation at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport. In retaliation, the US military retaliated against Pappay and shot down the mastermind with a drone over Pappay.

Joe Biden vowed to avenge
After the first attack, where two suicide bombings killed Afghans and American soldiers, US President Joe Biden vowed to avenge the attack. Similarly, on Saturday, Joe Biden insisted that US airstrikes against the Islamic extremist group would continue.

(with agency inputs)