After spat with India over Khalistani killing, Trudeau faces criticism for honoring Nazi

Washington: Accused of alienating majority Canadian Indians by pandering to pro-Khalistan Sikhs for political survival, the Trudeau government in Canada on Friday embarrassed itself by honoring a Ukrainian Nazi who was part of Hitler’s army. Who took part in the massacre of Jews.

The episode unfolded during Ukrainian President Voldimyr Zelensky’s visit to Ottawa when the House of Commons of Canada gave a standing ovation to Yaroslav Hanka, who was revealed to be a Ukrainian veteran of the notorious 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the Nazi SS.

Speaker of the House Anthony Rota later tried to absolve Trudeau of any blame by accepting “full responsibility for issuing the invitation and giving recognition in Parliament” and apologizing, but Canada’s opposition leaders revealed that Trudeau had and met Hanka before conferring his honour. The office had failed to investigate him.

“This is a catastrophic error in judgment on the part of Justin Trudeau, whose personal protocol office is responsible for arranging and vetting all guests and programming for such state visits. Without warning or context, any MP in the room It was impossible for (other than Mr. Trudeau) to know about this dark past,” Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre tweeted, demanding Trudeau to “apologise personally and avoid shifting blame to others, as He always does.”

Canada’s Jewish community was also angry. The Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Canada told the country’s Jewish community, “It is deeply disturbing and troubling that a Ukrainian veteran of the notorious 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the Nazi SS was given a standing ovation in the Canadian Parliament.” Stands firmly with Ukraine in the war against Russian aggression, saying “We cannot remain silent when the crimes committed by Ukrainians during the Holocaust are ignored.”

The gaffe came amid Ottawa’s bitter standoff with India over Canada’s support for violent Khalistani separatists and Trudeau’s allegations of New Delhi’s hand in the killing of a Canadian Sikh militant publicized in Western media as a saintly plumber and priest.

“This is the person who accused us of Nijjar’s murder based on “intelligence”. This “intelligence” did not/could not identify the Nazi past of the man whom Trudeau met in person and gave him Was honored, as Canada’s opposition leader said in his tweet. “Exposes the rotten insides of Trudeau’s regime,” quipped India’s former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal, who is believed to have That he will be the Vice Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Amid declining poll numbers, Trudeau also faced criticism domestically, with critics saying his supporters used the word “Nazis” to describe striking Canadian truck drivers and parents protesting gender policies in schools. did.

“Trudeau has topped his previous record of embarrassing Canada on the world stage. Praising a Waffen SS Nazi in high school makes his gentleman’s outfit in India look like a small mistake. It’s hard to say why. This shit is so terrible,” tweeted one critic.