Airplane on road will be made in 3 minutes, watch video

New Delhi: So far you have only seen movies in the street turning the car into an airplane and flying, but now it is going to be true. A company in Slovakia has developed a flying car after hard work for the last 30 years, which flies in the sky and runs on the road.

According to the news report, now Klein Vision has managed to turn his dream into reality. The research and development firm recently announced that it has successfully completed testing its latest generation car to fly.

The aircar is capable of running on both ground and air. It can change from a car to an airplane, whose video is becoming increasingly viral after appearing on the Internet. The aircar weighs 1,100 kg and can carry an additional weight of 200 kg.

Sharing a video of his futuristic car, Kleinvision wrote, “The flying car developed by the Kleinvision company transforms into an airplane in less than 3 minutes.” The video shows the aircar running on the road before turning into a plane and taking off.

According to Auto Evolution, the AirCar prototype was introduced to the public in 2019. Its test flights were recently conducted at Slovakia’s Piestany Airport. This included two takeoffs and two landings, which were completely successful.

According to Kleinvision – powered by Professor Stephen Klein – the aircar can take you from ground to sky at 300 meters with takeoff set and speeds up to 200 km / h.

However, it has not been told from the company how long this car will be available to the common people and what will be its price. But people are eagerly waiting for it.