Anushka Sharma upset by Hathras case, gave advice to all parents

New Delhi: The incident of mass gang rape and vandalism in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh is once again angry across the country. In such a situation, Bollywood celebs are also sharing their reactions to this issue through social media. This episode has now written a long post on Instagram by Anushka Sharma, which has come in quite a lot of headlines. In her post, Anushka Sharma has posted a post about the insecurity of women in these cases. With this, she has also given her opinion on the gender of her upcoming child.

Anushka said that it is wrong to consider a boy as a privilege or prestige of the society. He wrote, “Of course, there is no more value than being a girl, but the fact is that this so-called privilege has been viewed unfairly and from a very old point of view. The special thing is that you raise your boy properly so that he respects girls. It is your responsibility as a parent towards the society. Therefore, do not consider it a privilege. “

He wrote, “The gender of the child does not make you privileged or respected, but it is really your responsibility to the society to raise your son right so that a woman feels safe here.” Had also expressed anger over the rape in Balrampur. He posted on Instagram and wrote- “Just in a short time we heard about another heartbreaking brutal rape. What are the devils who think of destroying the life of an innocent like this? “

Significantly, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are ready to welcome their first child. At this stage of pregnancy, Anushka is in Dubai with her husband cricketer Virat Kohli. Recently, Anushka Sharma came in quite a lot of headlines when she made a special comment on Sunil Gavaskar and targeted him.

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