‘Arrest Me If You Can’: Tejashwi Challenges Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Patna: If anything wrong is written on the social media against Bihar’s Nitish Kumar government, action will be taken on it. Actually, a lot of false, misleading, and false information is being promoted against the Nitish government on social media. However, Nitish always says that do not pay attention to such misleading news. But, now the Bihar government has issued a circular to take strict action against those who spread false and false news on social media. If any flaws were found in the social media posts, the convict could also be jailed.

As soon as the matter came to light on Friday, opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav challenged the CM of Bihar, calling him the ‘Bhishma Pitamah of corruption’.

Tejaswi Yadav writes, “The mother of democracy, the Union Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Bihar is blown away by democracy itself.” Why do we only have to act ashamed? You have signed your conscience, principles, and ideas with the BJP-Sangh, but will not allow the fundamental rights of the common people to go away. Get it! “

Tejashwi tweeted, “The creator of 60 scams Nitish Kumar is Bhishma Pitamah of corruption, patron of misdemeanor criminals, weak head of immoral and illegal government. Bihar Police sells liquor. Rescues criminals and implicates the innocent. I challenge CM – now arrest me under this order. “

Comparing the Chief Minister to Hitler, Tejashwi said, “The protesters cannot resist. Those who write against the government are jailed. People are not allowed to take their grievances to the opposition leader. Nitish Ji, we know that you are completely tired. “

Bihar has been one of the few states that have rarely taken any action against aggressive views on the Internet. However, a recent order written to all secretaries of state has been changed by Nayyar Hasnain Khan, the head of the Economic Offenses Branch.

According to the letter, Khan wrote, “It has been learned that some individuals and organizations are making derogatory and objectionable remarks against the government, respected ministers, MPs, MLAs and government officials on social media.” It is against the prescribed law and comes under the category of cybercrime. “

It is to be known that Bihar is one of the few states where no action has been taken against the people of the government on objectionable posts yet, but now it is going to be a thing of the past. Nitish Kumar has also blamed social media for the party’s unpredictable performance in the last assembly elections. He had also said earlier that social media had presented a negative image among the people towards his government, due to which he was being discussed more than his government’s work.