Assi Ghats of Kashi will sing the saga of 84 Ghats, the splendor of the Ghats of Ganga will be seen from Raj Ghat

Lucknow: Every Ghat of Kashi has its own specialty. Each Ghat in the chain of 84 Ghats has its own historical and mythological beliefs. From special religious events to traditional, cultural programs and folk arts are seen on these ghats. The heritage standing on these pucca ghats speaks for their antiquity. Kashi has always been a center of tourist attraction, boasting a wealth of traditions. The Yogi government is installing cultural signage at the ghats for the convenience of tourists. So that tourists can get information about the events being held from the same ghat to other ghats, their mythological importance and distance from each other of the ghats.

Every tourist who comes to Kashi, the world’s oldest and most vibrant city, definitely turns to these famous ghats. Along with this, he also participates in the morning-e-Banaras and the evening Ganga Aarti. Apart from this, he also wants to see and understand the importance of other ghats and heritage. But due to the non-availability of correct information anywhere on the ghats, tourists are disappointed and upset. Due to which their journey remains incomplete. But now it will not happen, the Yogi government of UP is going to install cultural signage on two ghats. This signage will give complete information about the religious and cultural events taking place at each ghat, as well as tell the tourists about the centuries-old heritage standing on the ghats. Not only this, but the exact distance between each of the Ghats will also be known to the tourists through this signage.

Dr. D. Vasudevan, General Manager, Varanasi Smart City said that in the signage, the map of the Ghats and the traditional and artistic folk arts on the Ghats have been marked in the form of graphics. Keeping in view the traffic of tourists, cultural installations will be installed at Assi Ghat and Raj Ghat. Tourists will be able to know about the program and importance of all the ghats from a single ghat by looking at the signage on these two ghats.

Examples of the information that will be mentioned on this signage are as follows-
‘Assi Ghat’, morning-e-Banaras and morning cultural event.
Nag Nathaiah at ‘Tulsi Ghat’.
Naga Sadhus come after Kumbh at ‘Mahanirvani Ghat’.
‘Manmahal Ghat’ is the virtual museum here in Manmahal.
‘Bala Ji Ghat’ where Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan used to perform Riyaz on Shehnai.
Hazara burns here on ‘Panch Ganga Ghat’ on Dev Deepawali.

It has often been seen that illegal guides and people around the ghat give wrong information to the tourists. Due to which wrong information and message is sent to the world regarding the cultural and religious heritage of the country. But with the installation of this cultural signage, now domestic and foreign tourists will carry the correct information about India’s wealth with them. These signage are made of special material corten steel, concrete. There will be no effect of water on them even if the water level of the Ganges rises and they are capable of withstanding every season.