Uorfi Javed detained in Dubai for shooting video in ‘revealing outfit’

Social media influencer Urofi Javed has been detained in Dubai for shooting a video in a public area in a “revealing outfit”. Urofi Javed shot a video of himself in an outfit designed by him in a public place for his Instagram handle.

“The fact is there is no problem with the dress, but where she shot the video was an open area, and they don’t allow her to wear what she wore. Police is questioning her. Let’s see what Happens.”

Javed is often in discussion about his fashion sense and statements. In November this year, Urfi Javed called out Half Girlfriend author and speaker Chetan Bhagat for his comments on her social media activity.

Bhagat said in a program of Sahitya Aaj Tak, “Everyone knows who Urofi Javed is. Everyone knows this. Why? Are you going to appear in your exam that is Urfi Javed or you will be telling your employer in an interview that you know about Urfi Javed’s outfit. There is no fault of that girl in this, she is making her career. But, these things are leading the youth astray.”

Bhagat further said, “On one side there are youths who are protecting our country in Kargil and on the other side we have another youth who is looking at Urofi Javed’s pictures in his blankets.” Javed quickly responded to Bhagat’s comments and said that men like him would never accept their shortcomings and would always blame women.

Javed changed his name from Urfi Javed to Urfi earlier this year and urged people to be careful while spelling it. She wrote in her Instagram story, “Hi guys, so I have officially changed my name to UORFI. It will be pronounced like Urfi! Only the spelling changes. I just want that now everyone should take care while writing my name, so that I also remain alert (I keep forgetting many times). Thank you, love Uurfi.”

Uorfi was recently seen in the popular dating reality show Splitsvilla X4 and also had a cameo appearance in the Netflix show Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. She was also seen in Bigg Boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar.