Beijing hits out at Canada: ‘Respect the truth, stop spreading lies about China’

BEIJING: As diplomatic tensions with India continue over allegations related to the killing of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, China has urged Canada to uphold the principles of “facts and truth” and what it referred to as “China-relatedness”. Does this, has been asked to stop its spread Lie.”

Addressing the media in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning expressed concern that such misinformation could further strain relations between the two countries.

Canada accuses China of spreading misinformation

China’s response comes in the wake of allegations by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly, who suggested that a China-linked organization was manipulating online comments and “deepfakes” about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, senior officials and members of parliament. Was responsible for spreading misinformation.

China rejects Canada’s claims

Mao Ning strongly refuted these allegations, saying, “The so-called statement from the Canadian Foreign Ministry misrepresents the facts and is highly misleading, making fabricated allegations against China.” He strongly condemned the statement of the Canadian Foreign Minister by China and described it as extremely regrettable.

Furthermore, Mao Ning pointed out that Canada has on several occasions accused China of spreading disinformation against Canadian politicians, but has offered no concrete evidence to support these claims. “It is the Canadian side that is creating and spreading disinformation.

We urge the Canadian side to respect facts and truth, stop spreading China-related lies, and desist from words and actions that will poison the atmosphere of China-Canada relations and harm bilateral relations. Relationship,” he added.

Mao Ning accused Canada of fabricating lies about China’s actions in Xinjiang, Xizang and Hong Kong to tarnish its reputation. He urged Canada to “respect facts and truth, stop spreading China-related lies, and stop taking actions that could harm China-Canada relations and bilateral cooperation.”