Bengal BJP’s target, Nadda said ‘will draft a new story’

New Delhi: The BJP may have lost to Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress in the West Bengal assembly elections held last May, but the party has refused to dilute its focus on the state, which won an unprecedented 42 in the polls. 18 MPs were given from The 2019 parliamentary elections and established the party as the main opposition in the state.

With 2024 in mind, the BJP on Sunday vowed to “improve its vote share after a successful performance that established the BJP as the main opposition party for the first time in the state”, even as the party The vote share of the state has decreased significantly since 2019. Losing leaders and cadres who fled the TMC since its defeat last May. In fact, party leaders who attended the national executive here on Sunday admitted that the continued focus on the state is aimed at “preventing steady outflows” from the party to the ruling TMC.

In his inaugural address at the executive meeting on Sunday, party chief J P Nadda highlighted the “attack on his party workers by the TMC in Bengal” since the polls were over and said “the party stands with every worker in the state”. will be”.

On BJP’s development in Bengal, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan quoted Nadda as saying, “If one looks at its development in the state from the point of view of political science, it will have very few parallels in Indian political history,” referring to the unprecedented The saffron party emerged in a state where it did not exist.

Nadda said that if one looks at the BJP’s vote share in the 2014 assembly elections and the 2016 West Bengal assembly elections, and compares them with the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and 2021 assembly elections, it is a big difference for the BJP in the state. shows substantial growth. To Pradhan who briefed the media after the party chief’s address.

In his address, Nadda accused the TMC of committing violence against BJP workers and warned the ruling TMC in Bengal that “the BJP will not sit silently and fight a decisive and democratic battle in the state to ensure that Kamal (the party’s leader). symbol) blossomed. State.”

Nadda noted that “violence took place in 142 assembly seats, 53 people were killed, over 7,000 cases were registered, 123 cases of sexual harassment were registered and around 90,000 people had to flee their homes, due to which the party was able to fend for itself. 93 running home shelters. workers in states,” to substantiate his allegation of post-poll violence on party men by the ruling TMC.

Dedicating an entire section to the political violence in Bengal, in the party’s political resolution passed in the party’s executive committee on Sunday, BJP working members paid tribute to the party workers who lost their lives in the violence in Bengal and ensured punishment to the guilty. resolved to do.

Nadda had inducted the maximum number of National Executive Committee members from Bengal for the first time during the last organizational reshuffle a few months back.

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