Bengal Politics: More trouble for Mamata Banerjee as more MLAs quits TMC

New Delhi: There is only some time left for the assembly elections in West Bengal. But before the elections, the problems of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee are not being named. On the one hand, the BJP has put all its strength in the state, on the other hand, its close MLAs are leaving them. Recently, Shubhendu Adhikari and Jitendra Tiwari left the party. Now the news is coming that another MLA from the party, Shilabhadra Dutta, is also leaving the Trinamool Party. Dutta is the third MLA to leave the party after Shubhendu Adhikari and Jitendra Tiwari.

On the other hand, today the Central Government has called the Chief Secretary and Chief of Police of Bengal again to Delhi. He has been summoned to the capital till 5.30 pm. In this regard, the Union Home Secretary had written to the Government of Bengal on Thursday evening. In response to this, the Bengal government suggested a meeting through video conferencing due to Corona.

The Center also summoned the two officials to Delhi last week following the attack on the convoy of BJP National President JP Nadda. But, then the state government refused to send these two officers to Delhi.

Mamta called a meeting
Mamata Banerjee has called an emergency meeting today due to the constant separation of her MLAs from the party. However, party sources say that it is part of the regular meeting, not the emergency. Every Friday the party meets the chairperson leaders.

Amit Shah’s Bengal tour
CM Mamta has called the party’s meeting just a day before Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Bengal. Amit Shah will be visiting Bengal on 19 and 20 December. According to sources, during this time he will visit a temple and also do a roadshow. Meanwhile, there is also speculation that Trinamool rebel leader Shubhendu Adhikari may join BJP during Amit Shah’s visit to Midnapore.